A Little Princess Movie Scenarios Script [Korean]

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ISBN : 9791188028221
Pages : 140
Size : 111 * 182 * 9 mm / 144g
Language : Korean

    Book Introduction

    Key words of this book

    Diversity We meet <A little Princess> who showed the power of movie in scenario house! 
    Another way to make movies more fun! 
    The movie <A little Princess> is the work of the city cartoon of a lovely modern-day girl, 'Smile (Isomun)', who lives only in her own way and loves neither work nor love. The film won the Grand Prix at the 22nd Pusan ​​International Film Festival CGV Art House Award, the 43rd Seoul Independent Film Festival Audience Award, and the 16th Florence Korean Film Festival Independent Film Judgment Prize. In 18 days, it has exceeded 50,000 spectators and has been writing a variety of Korean Diversity films for the third consecutive week in the movie box office. The fourth work of Gwanghwamun Cinema, which became a production company to believe in <1999, visitation>, <King of Legend>, <Queen of Crime>, is a charm of unique character, 2030 generation's real sympathy, And attracted the audience's enthusiastic support. 
    With the wrong imagination, I meet again the book's impression of the movie "Little Girl", a serious and funny drama of reality. The former director of <The Little Korean Girl> The Scenario House contains movies and other parts, so you can enjoy more fun by comparing it with the movie. I will give hope, courage and warm comfort to these young people who are weary of the hard reality.

    About the author


    I am 

    currently studying in the directing course of directing professor at Korea National University of Fine Arts and Music and currently co-president of independent film production company, Gwanghwamun Cinema. 
    She produced short films such as "I Love You So Much Worried," "Baddin", "1999, Visiting", "King of Legend" and "The Queen of Crime." <Little Girl> is her first feature debut.

    Author's words

    "I hesitated to receive a proposal to publish a scenario for the first time. 
    Luckily, the movie was completed and we met with the audience, but I was worried that those who watched the movie would not be disappointed to read the script. 
    However, I am determined to publish it because I want to be able to read my scenario and hope and courage when preparing the movie or the audience. 

    The scenario in this book is a female artist's version, and all the staff and actors have created <Little Girl> based on this article. 
    I think that if you look at the finished movie with a lot of difference including the beginning and the end, you will enjoy the various fun. And it will be an opportunity to feel how powerful editing is in movies. 

    It is a movie that I started because I wanted to say that I am glad to have met people who do what I want to do, who loves or loved cigarettes, who are busy living, and who miss my friends who are scattered, in this cold, tough world. 

    The world is expensive, everything that you liked disappears, but I hope you all have a smile. "


    Writer's Words 
    Scenario Words Grooming 
    Ward Girl Scenario

    Into the book

    "Nowadays, rents are rising and cigarette prices are rising, so I can not do anything, so I 
    left my house for a while. Is this a weird story? " 

    Hansol: You suffer so much that I can not do anything. 
    Smile: Is there anything you can do? You just have enough to do. 
    I have to tell you a few times. I chose it because I like it. 
    If you want to keep what you want, this is all your hard life. (P. 70) 
    Hansol: Can not you just stop that liquor? liquor. 
    Smile: No. It's my fault. 
    Hansol: Yeah ... I respect that. (P. 71) 
    Hansol: If I had some money, we would have lived together. 
    I will not be making movie tickets when I'm bleeding like this. 
    Do not you want to go to a restaurant on TV? 
    Smile: I know you love blood. I do 
    not need anything if I can play with you and only smoke. (P. 72) 
    Rocky: You do not have to go now (p. 72). 
    Smile: I have no place to go, but 
    for some reason I am traveling for a while. 
    Brother, excuse me for saying that I'm wandering around like this. 
    Am I something? Even if I do not have a home, I have a taste and an idea. (Page 92) 
    Jungmi: I'm sorry, I hear you lie happily. 
    Smile: Why am I lying. 
    Jungmi: I think it would be a shame if you admit it. I have to admit it. So that man grows. 
    Smile: Why are you growing up? (Page 115) 
    Jungmi: I'll be honest. I think you are naughty. 
    you think that something is wrong with you? I do not think you're wrong. 
    Smile: I think this world is wrong rather than me. 
    Of course, I have a lot of problems, but I think everyone has advantages and disadvantages. (Page 116)

    Publisher Books Review

    Find your own cow (a small but sure happiness)! 
    The housewife has a smile 's wanderer, a three - year - old professional housewife who has a glass of whiskey a day, a cigarette of a sip and a lover boyfriend. Instead of throwing away her own taste in a world where her favorite things are expensive, she dares to give up her house and starts her journey to find the house of friends who have been with her band during college. The friends she has visited seem to be living in a harsh reality and giving up even little happiness. So the visit of the smile returns to the 'innocent' It may be a headache for the wrong choice of smile that gave up the house. Why not give up smoking and whiskey? But she is bored. Are not they giving up little happiness in the price of absurd home prices? A smile saying, "Even if you do not have a home, there are thoughts and tastes." She does not place the house at the top of her life but keeps her firm taste and self-esteem firmly. She does not compromise with the situation in various difficulties, but rather tries to comfort the hearts of those who live with their anguish. The positive aspect of smile that protects person's taste and dignity positively sympathy and comfort to 'N forge generation' who must give up various things such as love, marriage, house, human relations and so on. Do not give up my comfort, my small but sure happiness, that my happiness is not something that others define. 

    Unique and Lovely Character and Reality! 
    A sharp theme ritual reading the age in a pleasant laugh! 
    The <Little Girl> shows various urban spaces and shows various groups living in it as pleasant and sympathetic. In order to turn into a bigger company, 'Munyoung' who works to meet the amount of Ringer 's,' Hyunjeong 'who lives with his family and has a lyric poetry,' Dae Yong ' Kangaroo tribe 'Rock', 'Jungmi', who lives to hide his true self in order to match up with the rich husband, is another representative of this era and another self-portrait of ours. 
    People who believe that economic conditions determine happiness. The age when everyone is tied up with a belt and gives up their taste. <Small Girl> looks at the world from the viewpoint of a woman in her 30s who is unstable in housing and jobs in the landscape of this age. The question of what is happiness is whether a stable job, house, or marriage that does not have a smile is a necessary condition for life. However, the smile of the <small girl> does not lose her smile. Keeping the belief that you do not give up your present happiness for the future, it is not easy, but the smile that keeps your taste and dignity is lovely. And the city trip of such a smile shows the warmth of the youth generation with a warm gaze. We will indeed be able to feel the smile or the smile on the last choice of smile. It will be a good opportunity to reconsider what is the minimum for our happiness