BTS - LOVE YOURSELF 結 ANSWER [S.E.L.F All version packages, 4 Albums]

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BTS, LOVE YOURSELF Conclusion 'Answer' Announced! "Festivals with fans" Start 
LOVE YOURSELF All secrets are revealed! ' 
IDOL', 'Cultural Hybrid', which is a title song from 'Love True Love' from myself, '

1.LOVE YOURSELF 結 'Answer' album, S, E, L, F four different versions released 
2 Content
- Photobook: 139 X 204 X 11 (mm) / 116 page (EACH) 
(Each version is different from photo) / 2CD 
- Photo Card: S, E, L, F
- Mini book (Mood for Love the Notes): S, E, L, F 4 different versions / 90 X 127mm / 20 Page (EACH) 
- 1 sticker pack