[TTMIK] Talk To Me In Korean Level 1 Korean Grammar Textbook

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ISBN 9791186701072
Pages 164 pages
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Talk To Me In Korean Level. 1 focuses on the colloquialism that is used every day, so that it can be used in real life as soon as it learns. You can conquer a variety of phrases as well as connect words, words, sentences and sentences. We have various contents such as dialogues, quizzes, and reading about life in Korea, so that we can study Korean without having to take classes at school or school.

About the author

Author: TalkToMeInKorean

TalkToMeInKorean is a Korean language learning website that became popular overseas before it was recognized in Korea. Ever since its foundation in 2009, more than 5 million people have visited

TalkToMeInKorean TTMIK audio lessons have been downloaded over 50 million times while TTMIK YouTube videos have received over ten million views thus far. TTMIK was ranked as the #1 Language Blog by Lexiophiles in 2010 and 2013 thanks to votes from users all over the world.

Additionally, TTMIK was one of the recipients of the Prime Minister Award at the 2013 Korea Content Awards.


LESSON 1. Hello, Thank you / 안녕하세요, 감사합니다 
LESSON 2. Yes, No, What? / 네, 아니요 
LESSON 3. Goodbye, See you / 안녕히 계세요, 안녕히 가세요 
LESSON 4. I&m sorry, Excuse me / 죄송합니다, 저기요 
LESSON 5. It&s me, What is it? / -이에요, -예요 
LESSON 6. This is …, What is this? / 이거…, 이거 뭐예요? 
LESSON 7. This, That, It / 이, 저, 그, 거/것 
LESSON 8. It&s NOT me / 아니에요 
LESSON 9. Topic/Subject Marking Particles / -은/-는, -이/-가 
LESSON 10. Have, Don&t have, There is, There isn&t / 있어요, 없어요 
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LESSON 11. Please give me … / … 주세요 
LESSON 12. It&s delicious, It tastes awful, Thank you for the food / 맛있어요, 잘 먹겠습니다 
LESSON 13. I want to … / …고 싶어요 
LESSON 14. What do you want to do? / 뭐 -고 싶어요? 
LESSON 15. Sino-Korean Numbers / 일, 이, 삼, 사, … 
LESSON 16. Basic Present Tense / -아/-어/-여요 
LESSON 17. Past Tense / -았/었/였어요 
LESSON 18. Location-marking Particles / 어디, -에, -에서 
LESSON 19. When / 언제 
LESSON 20. Native Korean Numbers / 하나, 둘, 셋, 넷, … 
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LESSON 21. Negative Sentences / 안, -지 않다 
LESSON 22. Verbs / 하다 
LESSON 23. Who? / 누구? 
LESSON 24. Why? How? / 왜? 어떻게? 
LESSON 25. From A To B, From C Until D / -에서/부터 -까지