The Good Doctor. 1 Korean Drama Script Book [Korean Version]

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  • ISBN : 9791188028184
  • Pages : 478
  • Size : 156 * 226 * 28 mm / 639g
  • Language : Korean

The original "Good Doctor", which was remade at ABC in 2017 and ranked first in the monthly drama ratings 
, meets as an original storybook by Park Jae-bum's writer! 
Korean drama first terrestrial regular season, remake on prime time! 
Since the birth of the Good Doctor in the background of the Pediatric Surgery at the University Hospital, a young surgeon who suffers from a kind of autism called "Servant Syndrome" It is a human medical drama about the growth process. 
<Good Doctor> is the first Korean drama, a remake of the US terrestrial regular season, Prime Time, and the story of a physician with a disability was a new subject in the US where all kinds of medical drama are pouring. 
From September 25, 2017 ABC Broadcasting was broadcasted at 10 pm on Monday, exceeding 10 million viewers in the United States each time, and ranked number one in the Wall Street drama ratings. 
"I liked the premise of Good Doctor," said Laurence Andries, vice president of the National Association of Writers Foundation, who participated in the remake of "Good Doctor." "America sees in 20 seconds when it comes to selecting a drama. , And "Good Doctor" was a drama with that much impact. " 
Also, Daniel Dae Kim, who is the executive producer of "Good Doctor" in the US, revealed the background of "Good Doctor" that "the characters in the drama are enriched and intense, and the characters that were not dealt with by the American drama were attractive." 
The secret of the hot popularity of "Good Doctor" who struck the United States beyond Korea will be the power of the original that evokes human emotions and natural empathy that are universally valid. The process by which a pure doctor with autism communicates with patients, overcoming disability and prejudice, demonstrates the power of K-Story to gain sympathy for the world. 
Park Jae-bum's original playbook will be a great opportunity to enjoy the excitement and fun of the original.